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When creating a campaign with tinyCampaign, every link in your campaign will have tracking parameters added to it. These links and clicks are tracked by tinyCampaign and shows you those statistics in the backend. However, there are other parameters added to those url’s which will give you greater insight by using Google Analytics.

If you’ve not heard of Kissmetrics, you need to add them to your rss reader or bookmark their blog, now. They have a lot of great information on metrics and analytics, especially for those of you who eat, breath and sleep analytics and big data. On their blog, the have an article entitled, How to Track Online Marketing Campaigns with UTM Parameters in Google Analytics.

That article includes a how to video on setup for tracking your campaign with Google Analytics. In order to follow that setup, you will need to know what utm parameters to use for your setup. Please see below.

  • utm_source = tinyc
  • utm_medium = email
  • utm_campaign = See below for more details

In order to set the utm_campaign parameter, you will need to create an underscored, slugified version of the campaign’s subject. To do that, you can use Enter an underscore into the Word Separator field and paste in the campaign’s subject into the next field and click Slug me now!. So for example if your campaign’ subject is Act Now, Get 75% Off, then it will be turned into act_now_get_75_off. You can then use the converted string for the utm_campaign parameter.

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