General Settings

General Settings


  • System/Company Name: This is the system name and will show in the from field for sent emails.
  • System/Company Email: All system emails are sent from this address. The domain of this address should match the SMTP domain as well.
  • Skin: Changes the header color.
  • Language: Currently, only English is supported, but the system can be translated into other languages using the .pot file in /app/languages/ and by using a program called Poedit.
  • Timezone: Choose your timezone.
  • Mail Throttle: This setting controls how many emails go out within an hour. Use the formula below to determine the best number for this setting. Setting it to zero will send them out the fastest way possible.
  • Mailing Address: This will be including in every campaign and system email if this is set.
  • Cookie TTL: Number in seconds of how long cookies should last. Default is 1 week.
  • Cookie Path: This should not be changed.
  • API Key: Is a unique generated key for securely using the REST API.

Mail Throttle Per Hour

Some servers have as stipulation of how many emails can be sent per hour. To determine what the mail throttle should be, use this formular:

seconds in an hour / # of emails per hour =  throttle

Let’s say that your hosting provider only allows 100 emails to be sent from your account per hour. Then our formula would be:

3600/100 = 36

The number you would need to enter into the mail throttle field would be 36.

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