Cronjob Handlers

Cronjobs are very important in the running and maintenance of tinyCampaign (tinyC). When you first visit the Cronjob Handler screen, a set of handlers will be created. You should not need to change anything except if the base url has changed or it was created wrong. On the Cronjob Handler settings screen you must enter a password and the time in seconds that the cronjob should run before timing out.

Master Cronjob

Once you’ve changed the password, you will need to create a master cronjob on your server either through your hosting control panel or by using these instructions. The master cronjob should run every 5 minutes and should be setup like so:

Default Handlers

Below is a list of handlers that come with tinyC.

NameScript PathSuggested Time Interval
Purge Activity Loghttp://replace_url/cron/purgeActivityLog/Every Hour
Run Email Queuehttp://replace_url/cron/runEmailQueue/Every 5 Minutes
Purge Error Loghttp://replace_url/cron/purgeErrorLog/Every 30 Mintues
Run Bounce Handlerhttp://replace_url/cron/runBounceHandler/Every Day
Run NodeQhttp://replace_url/cron/runNodeQ/Every 5 Minutes

System Alert

If you did not change the default password, you will receive an alert email similar to below.

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