Track Campaign With Google Analytics

When creating a campaign with tinyCampaign, every link in your campaign will have tracking parameters added to it. These links and clicks are tracked by tinyCampaign and shows you those statistics in the backend. However, there are other parameters added to those url’s which will give you greater insight by […]

Updating tinyCampaign

Update Updating tinyCampaign is an easy three step process. Read the instructions thoroughly before attempting to update. Step 1: Backup Your Database Before attempting to update your installation, make sure to backup your database. If you’ve never attempted to do a database backup before, check out Backup and Restore MySQL […]

General Settings

Info System/Company Name: This is the system name and will show in the from field for sent emails. System/Company Email: All system emails are sent from this address. The domain of this address should match the SMTP domain as well. Skin: Changes the header color. Language: Currently, only English is […]


Server Requirements *You must have installed at least one out of the two web servers. Rewrite Rules Before installing tinyCampaign, make sure the rewrite rules exist. Not all server setups are the same, so the Apache rewrite rules may need adjusting. .htaccess

Nginx (root directory)

Nginx (subdirectory)


Cronjob Handlers

Cronjobs are very important in the running and maintenance of tinyCampaign (tinyC). When you first visit the Cronjob Handler screen, a set of handlers will be created. You should not need to change anything except if the base url has changed or it was created wrong. On the Cronjob Handler settings screen […]

tinyCampaign Query

When using the tinyCampaign (tinyC) query functions, you don’t need to know SQL (Structured Query Language). If you do know SQL, then great but if not, you only need to familiarize yourself with the different query functions that can be used.. The first thing you must understand about querying the database is […]


tinyCampaign (tinyC) has a very simple RESTful API. API Structure and Design

Responses All of the responses are in json format. A GET response from the books table might look like the following:

A successful POST response will return:

A successful PUT and DELETE response will return: […]

Switch Person

The super administrator account automatically has permission to switch to a different person or login as a different person. This functionality can also be granted to other administrators as well. Navigate to Users > Manage Users and you will see the blue Switch To button (see screenshot). Only those who […]

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

In order to enable tinyCampaign over a Secure Socket Layer (SSL), you will need to add some code to your custom dropin file. If you don’t have a custom dropin, create a new file and name it custom.dropin.php, and drop it into your dropins folder. Open the new file and add the […]

Debugging tinyCampaign

Introduction If you are a developer, then you know that debugging is a very important task because you want to make sure that your software is bug free and secure. This article in the codex will take you through the different debugging tools and features found in tinyCampaign (tinyC). APP_ENV […]